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Nellie's Welly Tops

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Welly tops are designed to stop muck going into your boots!

Picture the scene... you come in from the stables after mucking out and you take off your boots. Aaaaaah lovely!  BUT whats THIS?? You look down to discover that half the smelly contents of the stable have come indoors with you inside your wellies - and are now nicely sprinkled over your carpet. Oh cr*p!

For many of us poor souls who would rather muck out stables than hoover our own house -this is a regular eye rolling occurrence..  

NOT ANYMORE!! Nellie O Neil is here to save the day - with these genius WellyTops that act as a lid for your boots. They are tough, water resistant, comfortable and come in a range of colours. Designed to fit over most styles of wellies and will also work over short boots too! Trust us - we have tested them on every boot we could lay our hands on. 

Designed to have no fastenings at all so the dirt has nowhere to collect - it simply slides off the tough, waterproof fabric. Easy, pull -on design that can be left attached over the top of your boots - ready to use. Also great for when you're gardening!

One size -

From 8.5 inches (22cm) -  to 18 inches (46cm) around leg

Depth 6inches (15cm)

Please note that these are a handmade item and allow up to a week for delivery.


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